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IBM 00m-249 Preparation Tips

BM sales mastery exams are becoming more and more popular as more and more employers are looking for the right professionals. By right they mean rightly trained and properly qualified. With IBM Cognos Financial Performance Management Sales Mastery Test v1 test you demonstrate that you are the perfect person as you hold a world renowned professional qualification in addition to relevant experience and education. Here is a brief guideline regarding the overall look of the test and what it would be testing you on.
Exam pattern for 00M-249

In the 00M-249 IBM mastery exam, there are a total of 46 questions and the time allotted to you will be not more than an hour. You need to get a score of at least 76 % in order to get the IBM mastery that follows the exam. After successfully taking the IBM Cognos Financial Performance Management Sales Mastery Test V1, you become, in strictly official language, IBM Cognos Financial Performance Management Sales Professional v1.
Distribution of Objectives in IBM 00M-249
• The first eleven percent of your exam will be covered in section one: Business Analytics. This section would test you on your skill of positioning business analytics.

• The second section on the 00M-249 IBM exam covers 41 % of the total marks. This would test you on the knowledge of the very basis of FPM offering and key TM1 positioning and messaging along with that for Enterprise Planning. This part also includes making wise business decisions.
• The last and third section is the longest one, and makes up about 48 5 of your IBM 00m-249 mastery test. This again covers some skills related to FMP messaging and tests your skills to describe the prospects of sales in an effective manner.

Although pre requisite certifications or courses is not an essential requirement put forward by IBM, they still recommend that you take the 5 hour long instructor lead courses offered by IBM itself. Through such courses you maximize your chances of being informed about what is most likely to show up on the exam and how to prepare. With additional prep materials like study guides available online that complement your pep courses, you can take a lot of practice tests and prepare yourself for the actual exam. Make sure you go through all the material made available by IBM itself because what the makers of a test offer you is the most relevant and authentic information. But you still need to purchase some test prep material as you need hours of practice before you take the test.

IBM strongly recommends that you should have some years of experience in IVM Cognos before you plan to take the Mastery test and get the qualification. Make sure you have some hands on experience before you register for the exam. This not only fulfils the requirements for registration, and makes you the ideal candidate but also prepares you for the test and makes you see whether or not you want an additional qualification in IBM cognos.
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